Welcome to Sassy Southern Ragdolls!
   My name is Nicki Kent. My husband, Bruce and I have eight children and two grandchildren. We live in a small town in South Carolina. Our home is in the country and we house many different species of animals. I  have always been an animal lover and have rescued many.  My family has also been a foster family for the last 22 years. I think animals can teach a child so much about life. Our lives have at times been chaotic, but fun.  I have been a dog and cat groomer for the last ten years. I started grooming in a veterinarian office about 2 years ago and now do a little bit of everything.  My friend encouraged me to breed Ragdolls about 4 years ago. I  enjoy it and have learned so much.  My goal is to raise beautiful and very socialized kittens for others to love and enjoy.